This is the webspace representing my work. It is built with the open source editor Komodo and got uploaded to a Berlin-based host: 3,17Euro/month providing 10 GB of webspace.
This webspace has been created on the occasion of the need for representation on the internet. The idea was to build an archive at the backside of this - in web language called - business card website.
This archive can be found under a. It outlines the work in two ways: a chronological overview and the different bodies of work that have been developed over time. The webiste b contains a list as reference to the artistic net I move in. i reveals information on knowledge based work as artistic consultant.
Nevertheless, this webspace has mainly been created to be able to proof professional artistic practice, e.g. for applications that often file artistic intentions as valuable if a web presence is active.
Therefore, this webspace represents the site-specific aspect of my recent artistic works. These works sometimes deal with working conditions and production processes.
In case you need immediate information please email me.
The buttons below give a glimps into two text pieces I wrote on the occasion of two exhibitions.

Thank you for your attention.


Excerpt 1 Future Work
Excerpt 2 Output Elasticity and Location of Talent

a b i